My speaking can be presented as a keynote, for corporate training, organizational seminars and for corporate management and CPA firm partenrs. Topics cover leadership and management techniques, practice and business development, and technical areas. Some of my programs:

Power Bites: Short and to the Point Management, Leadership and Lifestyle Advice I Give My Clients - 1 or 2 hours.  A book with this title was published in April. See separate section on this website for additional information. 

Becoming the CEO of Your Personal Finances - 2, 4 or 8 hours. The 8 hour progarm is a complete financial empowerment program. The 4 and 8 hour programs can be adapted for corporate training or 401k plan investing empowerment. Call me to discuss.  A book with this title will be published later this year.

5 Numbers You Must Have to Run Your Business Better - 2, 4 or 8 hours. The 8 hour program is a thorough management guide.

Entrepreneurs Guide to Valuating a Business - 2, 4 or 8 hours

Estate Planning for Fat Cats Who Want Fat Kittens - 2 hours

Entrepreneurs Guide to Succession Planning - 2,4 or 8 hours

How to Manage Better by Peter, Parkinson, Murphy and Associates - 2 hours

One Quality that Every Leader and Manager Must Have - 2 hours (A great keynote presentation)

How to Read "The Wall Street Journal" in 20 Minutes a Day - A great 2 hour program that uses that day's WSJ and a is "mini MBA" survey course. This was presented at every MBA class I taught for 11 years and was adapted by "The Wall Street Journal" for their internal training.

The Ed Mendlowitz Book Club - Prerequisite for first book club meeting: Attendees must "read" an assigned 290 page book in under 2 Hours (instructions will be provided) (The book is not provided) - 2 hours.  The book club can meet three times a year at your firm. Subsequent book club meetings will be run somewhat conventionally - with Ed's creative touches. 

Speeches range from an hour to two day seminars. Most programs can be tailor made for the audience. I have presented over 200 programs on many subjects with many repeats. Almost all of my speeches have extensive informational handouts - many of which have been published as articles and some of which have been expanded and published as books including three books by the American Institute of CPAs.

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Listed are some of my current programs. Don't hesitate to call me to discuss what you have in mind. These programs are available for CPA Societies or individual firm partners and senior managers. 

Value Billing - 2 hours.     This program covers an essential skill about which no one ever really knows all they need to know. Some of the issues covered are what value billing really is; why most professionals engage regularly in reverse value billing but not regular value billing; a discussion of the various schools of thought on value billing; how to present the fee to the client; engagement letter language; and other issues collateral to the value billing process. The program is designed to have the participants make more money without working additionally or harder; to have better appreciation for what you do for your clients; and to show how to get paid the right amount when you create value for your clients especially when something is done “outside the box.” This 100 minute program can be given as part of an all day partners/senior managers’ meeting or at a breakfast or lunch meeting.

Managing Your Tax Season - 2, 4 or 8 hour programs.     This is a comprehensive full day course on managing your tax season, your staff, review procedures, where to look for answers to quick basic research questions, qualification of tax reviewers, billing and collection effectiveness, tax preparation expectation gap, measuring client satisfaction and client surveys, promotional activities and introducing tax clients to additional services, self-checking procedures, checklists and internal forms to use and worksheets that must be completed for every tax return you prepare.     Shorter progarms will cover how to better manage tax season with emphasis on quality control, reducing preparation cost, user-friendly deliverables, billing enhancement, and best practices. This is a program that I have been giving for over thirty years to many professional organizations and is the most presented NJSCPA CPE program with over twenty-five presentations. Over 4000 CPAs and tax professionals have attended this program. I am author of the AICPA published book with the same title. Some attendees have increased their revenues over $100,000 from ideas heard at these presentations. This program is continuously updated.     View my articles on this subject at and .  Also buy my revised and updated book Managing Your Tax Season, Second Edition at:

Succession and Retirement Planning for CPA Firm Partners - 2 hours     How to create long term wealth for yourself. The value of your practice; your retirement planning; how the sale to a successor works and ways of doing it. Illustrated will be actual agreements, six sample buyout arrangements, and an agreement EVERY small practice MUST have. 60 page handout. This progarm is an eye-opener!

12 Ways to Provide Better Service to Clients, Make More Money and have More Fun - 2 hours     A fast moving program that provides over a hundred ideas on  being more effective and using your time more efficiently, more successful billings and collections, quality control, hiring and training, commoditization , interactions with clients, partner retreats, running meetings, building personal wealth outside of your practice, increasing revenue from clients, niches, giving clients what they really want, creating excitement and having more fun.

Introducing New Services to Clients - 2 hours     50 additional services you can offer to your clients including detailed descriptions, promotional fact sheets, engagement letters and billing methods

Leveraging Experience - 2 hours     CPAs generally have the same intelligence, backgrounds and training, yet some are more successful than others. I attribute a portion of the extra success to individual experiences we all have, and how this experience is leveraged to better serve clients and grow your practice. This program will show how a CPA’s experience can be leveraged so much more can be achieved with not that much additional effort - increase service offerings, process train staff, commoditize repetitive functions, and monetize segments of your business. Actual examples will be used from the experiences of scores of CPAs that have consulted with Ed. As always, Ed will present the subject in a way that can be adapted in the easiest, quickest and most practical manner. Afterwards, you will be able to apply and immediately benefit from this program.

Firm Retreat Facilitation - full day

Other programs are available.  If you want information please call me at 732 964-9329.

Note; My practice management article "Nine Ways to Make Your Firm More Exciting and Profitable" won the Lawler Award for the best article in the Journal of Accountancy in 2001. This is an all day program that can be presented at your firm or CPA Society. View the article at

Check out my Maximizing Tax Season Efficiency article in the January 2011 issue of the Journal of Accountancy. Immediately following the article is a Tax Reviewer’s Qualification Test. Here is a link if you don’t get the Journal: