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As a seasoned Certified Public Accountant, Edward Mendlowitz has had a long history of listening to clients relay not only their most important concerns about the strengths and weaknesses of their companies, but also their own fears about the solitude they feel as business owners—even when they employ hundreds of people.

In Power Bites, Mendlowitz shares his proven advice and concise calls to action that will help both experienced and novice leaders focus on what is most important while learning to communicate clearly and effectively with their customers and employees. Mendlowitz relies on his experience, inquisitiveness, and interest in helping thousands of clients and other CPAs face and solve their problems. Here he offers practical and easy-to-implement tips on how to: • Acquire knowledge and create power • Develop a vision and set goals • Squash fears and embrace change • Create excitement and think optimistically • Do what is expected in an unexpected way • Network and establish a brand.

Power Bites shares effective guidance that can be immediately applied to resolve every- day dilemmas—whether in the workplace or in the home—ultimately helping to transform others into more successful leaders, managers, and individuals.

Here’s are a few Power Bites: “How can you learn anything when you’re talking?” “Never Trouble Trouble Till Trouble Troubles You!” “When Other Push the Pencil for You, Make Sure it is Your Pencil” and “Never Seek Total Victory…Unless You Are in a Dark Alley or a Courtroom.” Power Bites is seven parts, focusing on “self-management,” “leadership” “delegating,” “efficiency,” “business development,” “negotiating,” and “you,” including advice on listening, self-awareness, how to stay focused, setting goals, admitting mistakes, thinking positively, and how a smile really does make a difference.

Ed is available for keynote speaking engagements featuring the dynamic cogent focused ideas in Power Bites. Email Ed at or call Ed at 732 964-9329 to discuss how Ed can create excitement for your event.